Best 18-Step Guide: Car Parks In York Town Centre

When planning a visit to car parks in York town centre, one of the key considerations for many is where to park their vehicle. With its narrow streets and historic charm, finding suitable parking can sometimes be a challenge. But fear not! Let’s explore the various options for car parks in York town centre to help you navigate your way with ease.

Why is Parking Important in York Town Centre?

York, with its rich history and vibrant car parks in york town centre, attracts visitors from far and wide. Whether you’re exploring its medieval streets, visiting its iconic landmarks, or indulging in a spot of shopping, having convenient parking can enhance your overall experience. But with limited on-street parking and bustling pedestrian zones, knowing where to find car parks in york town centre becomes essential.


Guiding north of the city presents a scenic journey via the rich tapestry of York’s history. As you approach the car parks in york town centre, you’ll encounter a treasure trove of artistic landmarks. From the superb Yorkshire Museum nestled within the serene Museum Gardens to the beautiful York Art Gallery, each step resonates with the echoes of the past.

1.2 milesCromer Street YO30 6DL
1.2 milesBurton Stone Lane YO30 6EU
1.2 milesGarth Terrace YO30 6DU
1.1 milesSurtees Street YO30 6DT
1.1 milesGreenfields YO31 8LA
1.1 milesRatcliffe Street YO30 6EN
1 mileLumley Road YO30 6DB
1 mile Filey Terrace YO30 7AP
1 mileAshville Street YO31 8RY
1 mileHuntington Mews YO31 8JB
0.9 milesGrosvenor Road YO30 7AN
0.8 milesScarborough Terrace YO30 7AW

A brief divergence offers the opportunity to trace the ancient city walls, unveiling the city’s storied past before meandering through the charming medieval streets near the renowned Shambles.


Risking eastward from York unveils a scenic route that traverses St. Nick’s Nature Reserve before showing to the iconic city walls. Your journey through history continues as you pass via the tough Walmgate Bar, a rare gem as the sole actual town gate in England with its barbican impeccably held.

1.8 milesWycliffe Avenue YO10 3RH
1.7 milesHadrian Avenue YO10 3RD
1.5 milesLilac Avenue YO10 3AT
1.4 milesNorman Street YO10 3LH
1.4 milesMilson Grove YO10 3AQ
1.3 milesLamel Street YO10 3LL
1.3 milesSiward Street YO10 3LW
1.2 milesGarrow Hill Avenue YO10 3HY
1.2 milesBarstow Avenue YO10 3HE  

Stepping along Rowntree’s Wharf, you’ll find yourself at the doorstep of multiple museums and the bustling Shambles shopping road, gripping yourself in the vibrant tapestry of York’s cultural legacy.


Parking on these roads offers proximity to lush green distances like Walmgate Stray and Rowntree’s Park. For those approaching the city from the south, a stroll unveils York Castle and its accompanying museum, along with the thrilling York Dungeon.

1.5 milesAlbemarle Road YO23 1HD
1.4 milesWindsor Street YO23 1DN
1.4 milesSutherland Street YO23 1HQ
1.4 milesAdelaide Street YO23 1DL
1.4 milesQueen Victoria Street YO23 1HW
1.3 milesBrunswick Street YO23 1EB
1.3 milesButcher Terrace YO23 1LS
1.2 milesFinsbury Street YO23 1LT
1.1 milesCameron Grove YO23 1LE
1.1 milesSt Clements Grove YO23 1JZ
1.1 milesAldreth Grove YO23 1LB
1.4 milesWindsor Street YO23 1DN
0.9 milesTerry Street YO23 1JQ

Along this route, several galleries beckon inquiry, including the York Army Museum and the compelling JORVIK Viking Centre.


Car Parks in york town centre options are limited to the west of York, yet it’s an ideal choice for those led to the Grand Opera House. A leisurely walk shows past the York railway station and over the scenic River Ouse, ultimately running the storied city borders. Also out, streets offer easy access to attractions like the York Cold War Bunker, Holgate Windmill, and quiet Hob Moor.

1.6 milesWindmill Rise YO26 4TU
1.6 miles Collingwood Avenue YO24 4JY
1.5 milesHolly Bank Road YO24 4EB
1.5 milesHamilton Drive YO24 4JW
1.2 milesWilton Rise YO24 4BT
1.1 milesSt Pauls Terrace YO24 4BL
1.1 milesRailway Terrace YO24 4BN

When parking on residential roadways, please follow the usual rules for on-street parking. Don’t park on any double-yellow lines or over driveways, and keep noise to a minimum – especially in sundowns. Be courteous to the people who live in the area. Always remember that you park your car on residential streets at your own risk.
The downside of car parks in York town centre residential lanes is that you aren’t secured a space and – even though it’s free – it takes more time and grinds to get to the car parks in York town centre.
 Car Parks In York Town Centre
Empty circular parking garage under a sport stadium

This may be less of a choice for people less able to walk for long spaces such as disabled people, young children, and the elderly. Fortunately, there is another option for free parking: the Park & Ride.

Free Car Parks in York town centre

2 hours maximum stay (customers only)Foss Island Retail Park YO31 7UR

Overnight free Parking (6 pm to 8 am)

The Stonebow YO1 8NW
Walmgate YO1 9TL
St Denys Road YO1 9QD
Fossgate YO1 9TA

Ride & Park Services in York

Rather than spending on city parking and dealing with congestion, opt for the free Park & Ride benefits that cater to car parks in York town centre. This destroys the bother of locating car parks in york town centre. Households and larger groups profit from the option where up to 3 children under 16 can travel with one adult bus ticket.

£10.00First Group day ticket – up to 5 people travelling together after 9 am on weekdays and any time on weekends: 
£14.40Smart weekly:
£16.25Smart 5-day carnet
£1.80Child return
£1.30Concessionary return
£3.60Standard adult return: 
north-west of York FaresRawcliffe Bar YO30 5XZ (1000 spaces) Fares:
north-west of York (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)Poppleton Bar YO26 6QF (600 spaces)
north-east of YorkMonks Cross YO32 9JU (800 spaces)  
east of YorkGrimston Bar YO19 5LA (920 spaces)
south of YorkDesigner Outlet YO19 4TA (600 spaces)  
south-west of YorkAskham Bar YO24 1LW (1100 spaces)

With timely and regular bus schedules, Park & Ride buses deliver a stress-free way to troll York throughout the day.

Cheapest Paid Car Parking Options in York

For those aiming for the comfort and ease of mind of official car parks in york town centre, affordable options are available. While multiple car parks in York town centre grow to be costly, we’ve curated a list below of the multiple budget-friendly ones, complete with postcodes and pricing details for your nicety.

£2.50 for 2 hoursCarlisle Street YO26 4XN
£2.95 for 2 hoursBarbican Road YO10 5AA
£3.20 for 2 hoursLayerthorpe YO31 7UZ
£6.20 for 2 hoursEsplanade YO26 4ZP
£5.00 for 2 hoursRowntrees Wharf YO1 9XA
£5.60 for 2 hoursNunnery Lane YO23 1AA
£5.60 for 2 hoursSt Georges Field YO10 4FH
£4.50 for 2 hoursPeel Street YO1 9PZ
£3.60 for 2 hoursCastle Car Park YO1 9SA

York is a gorgeous city, offering plenty of adventures to research. With the useful knowledge provided on this page, you can fully relish all that York has to offer without sapping your budget.

Exploring the Options: Where to Car Parks in York Town Centre

  1. Barbican Centre Car Park: Situated near the city walls, the Barbican Centre Car offers convenient parking for those exploring nearby interests, including Clifford Tower and the York Museum. With ample space also reasonable rates, it’s a popular choice for visitors to the area.
  2. Marygate Car Park: Located close to York Minster and the Museum Gardens, Marygate Car Park provides easy access to some of York’s most iconic landmarks. While it fills up quickly during peak times, its proximity to the city centre makes it a convenient option for those looking to explore on foot.
  3. Castle Car Park: Nestled within the city walls, Castle Car Park offers convenient parking for visitors looking to explore York’s historic attractions, including the York Dungeon and the Jorvik Viking Centre. Despite its central location, it tends to have ample spaces available throughout the day.
  4. Monk Bar Car Park: Positioned just outside Monk Bar, one of York’s ancient gateways, Monk Bar Car Park provides easy access to the city centre and its surrounding attractions. Its central location and reasonable rates make it a popular choice for both locals and tourists alike.
  5. Piccadilly Car Park: Situated in the heart of York’s bustling shopping district, Piccadilly Car Parks in York town centre offers convenient parking for those looking to indulge in some retail therapy. With its central location and proximity to the city’s major shopping streets, it’s an ideal choice for those planning a day of shopping and sightseeing.

Free Car parking near the York Railway Museum

The York Railway Museum stands as one of the city’s exclusive allures, especially beloved by more youthful visitors. Offering free entry, it invites investigation for hours on end. Below, we’ve listed. the closest free car parks in york town centre options for your comfort when seeing the museum.

18 min walkHamilton Drive East 
15 min walkGarfield Terrace 
15  min walkBright Street 
14 min walkStamford Street East 

The closest free parking options for your comfort when seeing the museum.

Free Car parking near York Minster

20-minute walkHospital Fields Road
15-minute walkHeslington Road 

York Minster is free to visit during a benefit, but if you want to analyse also, tickets cost £12 per adult and children go free with a paying adult. You can also book to enter York Minster and go up the building which costs £17 per adult and £5 per child.

Free Car parking near York Station

Situated only a stone’s throw further from the city walls, York Train Station faces selected parking availability, particularly for day-trippers. The onsite car park charges about £6 for a 2-hour stay, while a weekend escape from Friday at 10 am to Monday at 2 pm incurs a fee of £12.

 Car Parks In York Town Centre
Albemarle Road 15 minutes
Hamilton Drive East 15 minutes

If you’re taking the train and pursuing free parking near York Station, within a convenient 15-minute walking space, here are your top selections:

Free car parks in York

Free car parks in York town centre are available at either East Parade Car Parks or Bishopthorpe Road Car Park from 6 pm to 8 am.

East Parade Car ParkEast Parade, Heworth, York, YO31 0XH14
Bishopthorpe Road Car ParkBishopthorpe Road, York, YO23 1NA41
Nunnery Lane Car ParkNunnery Lane, York, YO23 1AA193
St George’s Field Car ParkCastle Mills Bridge, York, YO10 4AB150
Union Terrace Car ParkUnion Terrace, Clarence Street, York, YO31 7ES145
Castle Car ParkTower Street, York, YO1 9SA
Monk Bar Car ParkSt John’s Street, York, YO31 7QR253

For York citizens with a Minster Badge, parking in most committee car parks in York town centre costs only £1 between 6 pm and midnight.

Free car parking at York Ride sites & Park

Six park-and-ride car parks in and around the car parks in york town centre provide favourable parking. If city parking isn’t your choice, these park-and-ride sites offer a convenient alternative, allowing you to hop on a bus instead. Easily available from all parts of York, the trip times range from 12 to 20 minutes, providing a hassle-free commute without long travel times.

Rawcliffe Bar Park & RideYO30 5XZ1,000 (including 11 spaces for Campervans)
Poppleton Bar Park & RideYO26 6QF600 (including 10 spaces for Campervans and Coaches)
Monks Cross Park & RideYO32 9JU800
Grimston Bar Park & RideYO19 5LA920 (including 20 for Campervans and Motorhomes)
Designer Outlet Park & RideYO19 4TA600 (including 50 for Campervans and Coaches)
Askham Bar Park & RideYO24 1LW1,100 (including 10 for Campervans)

Car parks in York town centre are free of cost if you opt to use the bus or cycle into York, as displayed by signs at the entry.

Free overnight car parking in York

For those aiming for free overnight car parks in York town centre, the optimal option is to operate on-street parking bays, as car parks, although open overnight, incur charges, albeit at a discounted rate.

(free from 5 pm)Scarcroft Hill
(free from 6 pm)Blue Bridge Lane
(free from 8 pm)Southland Road

Lead Mill Lane delivers positive parking from 8 pm to 8 am and adjusts roughly 8 cars. Conveniently located opposite Wetherspoons (Posterngate), it suggests a suitable parking option for visitors.

Tanner Row in york

Beneficial Insights: Accessible by 6:00 am-11:59 pm Monday-Sunday and Spend cashless through NCP App

0.4-mile walk to Coppergate Shopping Centre
0.2-mile walk to The Grand, York
0.4-mile walk to Coppergate Shopping Centre
0.4-mile walk to York Dungeon
0.4 mile walk to Coppergate Shopping Centre

1 hour £3.95Monday 06:00-23:59
1 to 2 hours £7.90Tuesday 06:00-23:59
2 to 3 hours £11.85Wednesday 06:00-23:59
3 to 4 hours £15.80Thursday 06:00-23:59
4 to 5 hours £19.75Friday 06:00-23:59
5 to 6 hours £23.7Saturday 06:00-23:59
6 to 24 hours £24.95Sunday 06:00-23:59

For alternative York car parks, see our car parks in York town centre

Tips for Parking in York Town Centre

  1. Arrive Early: Parking spaces in car parks in York town centre can fill up quickly, especially during peak times. Arriving early ensures you have a better chance of securing a spot in your preferred car park.
  2. Consider Alternative Modes of Transport: If driving isn’t an option, car parks in York town Centre consider using public transportation or cycling into the car parks in York town centre. York boasts excellent bus and train connections, as well as a network of cycle paths for cyclists.
  3. Plan Your Route: Familiarize yourself with the location of car parks in York town Centre before setting off. Knowing where to find parking ahead of time can save you time and frustration upon arrival.
  4. Check Parking Restrictions: Car parks in York town Centre Be mindful of parking restrictions and regulations, especially in residential areas or on-street parking zones. Car parks in York town Centre Failure to adhere to parking rules may result in fines or penalties.
Coppergate Car ParkCloses at 7 pm
Peel Street Car ParkOpen 24 hours
NCP York Tanner RowCloses 12 am
Just ParkOpen 24 hours
Nunnery Lane Car ParkOpen 24 hours
Castle Car ParkOpen 24 hours
Priory Street Cart ParkCloses 12 am
NCP Car Park York Station SouthOpen 24 hours
Union Terrace Car ParkOpen 24 hours
Monkbar Mews Public Car ParkYorkOpen 24 hours

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the availability and accessibility of car parks in York town centre play a pivotal role in facilitating smooth transportation and enhancing the visitor experience. With numerous options for parking within the town centre, visitors can conveniently access attractions, shops, and amenities. Whether utilizing on-street parking, multi-story car parks, or park-and-ride facilities, individuals have diverse choices tailored to their preferences and needs. Additionally,

the presence of well-maintained and efficiently managed car parks in York town centre contributes to the overall attractiveness and functionality of York town centre as a vibrant destination for locals and tourists alike. As such, ensuring adequate parking provisions remains essential for supporting the town’s vitality and sustaining its appeal as a thriving urban hub. Furthermore, effective parking management addresses concerns such as traffic light synchronization and integration with public transit systems like the AA and train station.

 Car Parks In York Town Centre

Whether it’s implementing advanced technologies like sensors for guiding drivers to available spaces or accommodating specialized needs like disabled parking permits and valet parking, the comprehensive approach to parking reflects the town’s commitment to convenience and inclusivity. Thus, the car park in York town centre continues to evolve as a dynamic locale where modern infrastructure harmonizes with historical charm, ensuring a seamless experience for residents and visitors alike, even during a bustling time such as Easter.


  1. Where is the best place to park in the York City Centre?
    • If you’re in search of parking in York city centre, look no further than Q-Park Shambles. Situated in the heart of the city, this car park is just a short stroll away from the iconic Shambles, recognized for its historical importance. Additionally, it offers a suitable entrance to the Coppergate Shopping Centre and the magnificent York Minster, making it an ideal option for visitors investigating the city’s cultural and retail offerings.
  2. Can I park for free in York?
    • Different restrictions and charges are appropriate depending on the area, but clear signage will always demonstrate regional restrictions.
    • York residents with a Minster Badge are eligible for discounted or flattering parking during distinctive times, both in car parks and on-street parking bays.
  3. How easy is it to park in the York City Centre?
    • Parking in York caters to everyone, still of age, with interests ranging from the eerie Dungeon to the interesting Jorvik Viking Centre. Conveniently, pre-bookable areas are offered at York NCP car parks, securing hassle-free parking in the heart of the city, even during peak seasons.
  4. Can I leave my car overnight in York Park and Ride?
    • Park & Ride sites and buses come provided with positive WiFi for all passengers. Also, public toilet facilities are provided at each site for convenience.
    • Please note that overnight parking is restricted at all Park & Ride sites.

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